Adults with Disabilities

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If one of your goals is to get fit, learn a new sport, or just spend time meeting new people while doing some light excercise you can join a program at St Carthage’s Community Care.

We have several programs, or we can tailor fit one just for you.


We recognise the important role carer’s have.

We also know how important it is for them to have a rest so they can continue the work they do.

We also know that our clients enjoy having a break from the every day norm.

We have a beautiful purpose built residence called Jubilee House located in Goonellabah. This home includes a media room, sensory room, an open plan kitchen and dining area, and multiple bedrooms. Each of the bedrooms include a television so that if you are feeling like having some time alone, you can enjoy a movie or television show.


Often people with a disability become isolated and unable to attend functions, see and do new things in the community, or enjoy a conversation with a peer.

At St Carthage’s we enable people to stay connected to their local communities by taking part in activities in our Social Support programs.

The most important factor for us is that you do what YOU choose.

We will partner you with individuals with like interests to take part in activities that you enjoy.


At St Carthage’s Community Care, we believe that planning for the future is the best way to support individuals to take ownership of their own support.

A support plan will be developed with each individual and their supports. This will provide a framework for each person’s support.

Once the plan has identified goals and priorities, further support will be negotiated.


Our highly committed and dedicated team of disability support professionals offer clients a caring and individual service, designed to meet their personal and unique needs. Each of our support plans are created with the full cooperation and direction by our clients and carers.

This person-centred approach is the foundation of our service. From here, we build to ensure we are providing a professional, best-practice of care and support.

This approach ensures a strong, caring and shared respectful relationship between our staff and our client.


At St Carthage’s Community Care we know our services are all about you – what you want, your goals and dreams!

The flexible packages can be tailored to your needs and goals.


Have fun, try new activities, meet friends and explore the world with different group programs.


Take your first steps into life as an independent adult with confidence.

At St Carthage’s Community Care we will work with you to develop a plan that help you achieve the goals you have set for living a life that is fulfilling and enjoyable.


While everyone’s personal situation is dependent on many factors – some that can be controlled and some that can’t; planning for your adult years can help. This preparation may include work and training or developing planning strategies for independent living and your later years.

At St Carthage’s Community Care we work with you closely to develop a plan that makes this transition easier.

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